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Sey Rinpoche has the responsibility of the maintenance, upholding and renovation of several monasteries and retreat centers which are located in the remote High Himalayan Mountains of the border region of India, a region suffering from geographical isolation and backward development. To face the needs of these regions, local financial support, although enthusiastic, cannot suffice. Any donation in terms of funds, or any help in them of technical assistance and expertise is most welcome.

The main projects in need of support are the Pangi projects, in terms of preserving the spiritual heritage and strengthening practice and study through the Killar Institute already under progress. Another key action to be undertaken in the Pangi region is to provide basic medical facilities in the form of a professional presence (physician, nurse…), a jeep and medicine. There is a hope to have one day, hopefully soon, a medial center in the remote Pangi region!

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In The Long Run

Pangi needs external support and assistance in order to develop smoothly and successfully. In order to sustain, in the long run, a significant monastic community living in the various Pangi Monasteries, and especially at the new Killar Institute and also to support the retreatants in the new Pangi Three Years Retreat in Sural, Sey Rinpoche is looking for tips and suggestions.

His Eminence has imagined that, for instance. the Pangi Association could become the owner of some building put on rent in some more developed region. The present idea is to acquire a sort of small shopping complex in Manali and use the income of the rent for the long run sustenance of Pangi’s monks.

Any advices, administrative or technical assistances to help the Pangi growing monastic community in the long run would be much appreciated


Please kindly contact:

India : Sey Rinpoche at Manali

Malaysia : Koay Lay Ching  
Tel: +601-6471.4099

Europe : Jean Francois Troy (France)
Tel: (+33)

Puntsok Duppy Gahtsal Monastery
Pulley Yaksugil Gwuidunri,
Injeeyup, Injegun, Gangwondo.
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